The annual Grammy Awards is an event magnet of some of the most unique, weird and wacky fashion styles. Here are a few that got our attention:
  1. Anna Kendrick & Alessia Cara
There were a lot of pantsuits seen during the event but most were not your average black tuxedos. We think that both of the female artists rocked their pantsuits. Anna Kendrick added a tidbit of sexiness to her outfit with a black laced bralette while Alessia looked gorgeous with a casual white T-shirt and Converse.
  1. Camilla Cabello
The artist who’s topping the charts with her song ‘Havana’ went to the Grammys in a hot red gown. Though she looks similar to the Flamenco emoji, she looks really elegant.
  1. Tyler the creator
We’re not quite sure what vibe he’s trying to throw us but we don’t think it’s hot! The monogrammed Louis Vuitton scarf, coat, and weird-looking hat makes him look like he’s gonna chill in the snow. Thumbs down for this!
  1. Khalid
The 19-year-old rapper wore a light purple suit paired with a green turtleneck. This is a head-turner because most of the artists wore monochromatic suits like Sam Smith and Zayn Malik. This two color combination is a wow!
  1. Cardi B
We all know that her collaboration with Bruno Mars on the song ‘Finesse’ is hitting the top charts. But the internet world seemed to be bothered with her outfit during their performance. The 90s Salt & Pepper vibe that she’s trying to cop made her look like a beach ball or a rainbow tent.  We all love the 90s but we think the female rapper got too far with this outfit.
What do you think about the Grammys? Do you have a favorite fashion look? Comment below!

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