Our Favorite Will Ferrell Movies

Funny, talented and a flexible actor --- that’s what makes Will Ferrell a great artist. His talents are considerably unpredictable making him fit any role. He randomly appears in various films taking characters that are diverse from the previous movies where he featured. Although not all his films made it to the top, he is certainly one of the biggest comic actors of our time. Here are our top three favorites:
  1. Tallegada Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
This comedic story about a racing legend is one of Ferrell’s successful projects. Like most Will Ferrell movies, it is both vulgar and cheerful.
  1. Elf
Christmas is in the air, and I bet you 90s kids know this movie so well. Who would have thought that Will Ferrell could take a family-friendly character? This mix of comedy and holiday fare made this movie remarkably unforgettable and heart-warming.
  1. Semi – Pro
This hilarious basketball movie displays the natural talent of this actor. Although it wasn’t really on the top movie list, it is still undeniably a favorite of our generation. You can copy his Flint Tropics jersey by ordering from our collection of Throwback movie jerseys!

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