Spotlight: Aaliyah's Fashion

The fashion industry is undeniably unstoppable from growing and changing. It is an ever dynamic world of trends and without a doubt, iconic clothing will not fade away from stylists’ favorites. The world of RNB has shown us plenty of style icons, but Aaliyah is one of those artists who was strongly influential. Her image is forever involved in music and fashion articles on the internet.
 Hoodies, over-alls, baggy jeans and bucket hats --- this is probably what people remembers about this artist. Her style --- a mix of tomboy and sex appeal, is so unique that it became a reference point of those who cite hip-hop or street wear fashion. Her love for sports jerseys did not stop her from creating a sexier appeal.
 As fashion trends change throughout the millennia, it seems like there is no current streetwear that Aaliyah did not start. Duplicate this tomboyish-sexy look with our throwback jerseys. Fashion doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive clothing, sometimes, you only need to mix a few pieces and create a distinctive look that could trend!

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