Top 3 sneakers to wear with Jerseys

All of us at Yesterday Apparel know that our jerseys pair perfectly with a pair of sneakers. There was much discussion on our team about the perfect pair of kicks to rock with our jerseys, so we thought we’d share our top 3 with you.


Coming in at number one we have the Jordan 1’s. It’s an iconic sneaker that really goes with a lot of outfits. Our top picks for colorways are the Breds, the Fragments and the Shadows. Try this with our Retrospect Athletics Tupac Above the Rim Jersey. Also, be sure to wear this with slim or skinny pants. Baggy jeans can take away from the look of the shoe.

Our second pick is the Nike Fear of God Raid in the black colorway. With all the hype around the Nike Fear of God 1’s we think the Raid’s are a good alternative. At a fraction of the price you get a similar aesthetic and a really unique looking sneaker. We like how this pairs with the Yesterday Apparel Notorious B.I.G Biggie Smalls 72 Jersey in yellow.

Our third pick is the Adidas YZY 700 Analog. It’s 2019 and the dad shoe vibes are in full swing. We are big fans of this movement. Specifically, the YZY 700 Analog features a subtle colorway with earth tones that add a lot to an outfit. We noticed the 700s are not nearly as comfortable as previous YZY’s we’ve worn but the look is on point. This paired well with our Aaliyah Bricklayers Jersey and some nice chinos.

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